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English play, Deutsch version? - English play, Deutsch version?

I am sorry, aber Ich spreche fast kein Deutsches. Und so... my question is in English.

I completed Gothic two years ago and want to play again. It is much easier to find a version sold in Germany than the original U.S. game. My question is: if I buy a Gothic game sold in Germany, are the voices in German only? Is there a way to change them to English, perhaps with a patch, or to see subtitles in English?


Der Amerikaner
22.04.2005, 07:50 #2
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English play, Deutsch version? -
OK, Danke.

But what about improving your German by playing Gothic?

I think this may teach me the wrong German:

Entschuldigen Sie mich, geehrten Herrn, aber ich benötige Unterstützung. Ein Dämon jagt mich.
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